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Think First... Then Act

Photo May 2016

In the Automotive World Often An Alert Mind Is More Powerful Than a Strong Arm. Join Us As We Watch That Theory In Action.

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Readers Respond

Photo October 2017

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It’s More Than an Oil Change, Pt. 1

Photo March 2008

Draining and Filling a Crankcase Not Only Benefits the Engine, It’s Also Time to Check Out Other Components

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Photo August 2018

These Leaks Are a Common Problem. For Proof, Just Check Out All the Dark Stains In Any Parking Lot

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It’s More Than an Oil Change, Pt. 2

Photo April 2008

You’ll Be Spending Time Under the Vehicle and Under the Hood, So Why Not Check Your Belts, Hoses, Fluids...

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Milt’s Tune-Up Advice

Photo June 2008

This Car Smoked, Had Poor Gas Mileage and Was Sluggish. A Valve Adjustment Helped, But It Needed More...

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Reader Follow-Up

Photo January 2011