Missing mounts crack panels

May 1, 2008 | By Richard Prince


In reference to G. Fred Acton’s cracking Impala quarter panels in the October 2007 issue, one more thing he should check is the condition of the body-to frame mounts. My son was looking at a 1967 Buick several years ago. When we went to look at the car, I noticed the right quarter panel had a small wave over the wheel well. The owner maintained the car had not been wrecked.

When I got under the car, not one but two body mounts on the right rear side of the car were missing. Not just damaged, but gone altogether. The body was flexing as the car went down the road. Mr. Acton’s body panels may be flexing to the point of breaking.


Thank you for sharing your observations with us. It makes sense that if one or more body mounts are missing the body will flex and that could lead to cracks in body panel seams.