I need help with my seat springs

April 1, 2012 | By Richard Prince


I have a 1961 Buick convertible that needs the seat springs rebuilt including the Z springs and the round barrel clinching ferrules that tie the springs together. I haven’t found a source for the materials or an instruction guide that deals with

rebuilding the new springs to duplicate the old rusted assembly. Do you have any source for this type of restoration, parts and methods?


I was not able to find seat spring rebuilding or fabrication instructions that are specific to your 1961 Buick but since you are in possession of the original springs you can use those as a pattern to fabricate new springs. There are various books and Web sites that offer general advice regarding seat reupholstering and restoration. You can buy new springs and related parts from various places, including possibly an upholstery shop that’s local to you. If that doesn’t work try The Wade Spring Company (http://www.wade-spring.co.uk).