I have a 401 engine available

February 1, 2009 | By Richard Prince


Back in the June 2008 issue Charles Buck of Missouri described his search for a replacement 401 cid Buick engine. Your recommendation that he try to find a parts car seems feasible. Otherwise, it’s extremely difficult to locate “nailhead” engines, thanks in part to the EPA’s crushing and pollution credits program with Big Oil in the 1990s.

Should that not materialize, I can offer a spare 1962-63 401 block and Dynaflow transmission, minus the carburetor and alternator. I have had this as a backup for my 1964 Wildcat since 1995 but have never needed it. The engine and transmission have not been exposed to the weather and were coated with automatic transmission fluid to prevent corrosion. Also, each cylinder received 4 ounces of 10W/30 oil.


It is always prudent to make sure your spare engine is well oiled while in storage. It is also wise to manually rotate the engine periodically, to keep moving parts moving and alternate which valve springs are under tension.

Interested parties should contact Mr. Pfau at the above address.