The sealer shows through

April 1, 2008 | By Staff


I am in the process of restoring a 1965 Oldsmobile. I thought I was through with the paint but I have run into a problem. I removed all of the old paint and started over using DuPont synthetic enamel. I put a coat of sealer over the undercoats, then sprayed on two coats of the color and two coats of clear on top of that.

My lighting in my shop was not very good and I have one spot on the rear fender where the sealer shows through. How do I go about putting more color on the light spot?


For obvious reasons, it is a terrible idea to paint a car in a poorly lit environment! Your best course of action now is to sand the entire quarter panel with very fine sandpaper, spray on one or two more coats of color, and then re-clear the panel. Use a blending reducer to achieve a better blend where the new paint meets the old paint. Use an appropriate reducer for the particular line of DuPont paint you’re using. Your paint supplier can tell you what to use.