My carb sprays gas

November 1, 2017 | By Staff


When I rebuilt the carburetor on my 1955 Jeep everything went fine until my son started it while I watched under the hood. Then gas went everywhere and was blowing out the bowl vent all over the place! What did I do wrong?


Remove the carburetor top and check the float level. You will probably find that the float drops so low that it allows the needle valve to stay open to incoming fuel after the float bowl is full. Also make sure the float is aligned properly and not binding. And finally, make sure the float is not leaking and taking on fuel. These things will cause flooding problems. The settings sheet you sent along had no float drop specification for a single-barrel Carter YF carburetor but it still must be set. Bending the float tang to allow only about .300” of float drop should fix the problem.