Some parts searches are easier than others

October 1, 2011 | By Richard Prince


Do you know of a source for the side fender and door moldings for a 1979 Oldsmobile 98 Regency 4-door? The car has been repainted and really needs new

moldings. I have exhausted all means on my end and am hoping that you will have a solution.


As you have already discovered, GM long ago discontinued the manufacture and sale of trim items for your 1979 Oldsmobile (Sadly, they long ago also discontinued the manufacture and sale of Oldsmobiles!) and the aftermarket parts restoration industry has not stepped in to fill the void.

As I’ve pointed out in this column many times in the past, the laws of economics are simply working against you and many other vintage car enthusiasts who seek to restore and maintain vehicles that are not at the very top of the popularity ladder.

If you don’t own a Mustang, Camaro, VW Beetle, Corvette or similarly situated car you can’t just order whatever you need from a reproduction parts catalog. The aftermarket industry won’t make what you need because there isn’t enough demand at a sufficiently high price point to justify the investment of money required to make and sell the parts.

Your only choices, therefore, are to find good used parts, ultra-rare and typically expensive N.O.S. parts, or, if feasible, restore the parts you already have. As far as finding good used and N.O.S. parts is concerned, your best course of action is probably to harness the growing power of the Internet. I did a very quick search for “1979 Oldsmobile Delta 98 Regency” on eBay and found 30 listings, including an N.O.S. trunk bezel, diesel hood ornament, front bumper and rear bumper. There are also a variety of used parts, including hubcaps, headlamp bezels, door seals and more.