Some Nova parts resources

January 1, 2010 | By Richard Prince


I’m looking for a parts source for my 1973 Nova with a 350 cid engine and two-barrel carburetor. Where can I find the pipe that goes from the breather to the manifold and the square part it goes into? Where can I find a hubcap for this car? And finally, where can I find a water reservoir for it?


The correct hubcap for your car is available from (hubcaps. org). That’s right; the Web site is

You may also findgood used examples on eBay and at salvage yards.

By “water reservoir” do you mean the windshield washer fluid reservoir? That is available in kit form, including the reservoir, cap, screen and hose, from J&W Nova Parts ( The heat stove and tube you need are no longeravailable from Chevrolet and are not being reproduced. Your best course of action is to try to find good used parts. Johnson Auto Salvage (770-2274244, 1029 County Line Road, Griffin, GA) specializes in older vehicles and has several Novas on hand so they may be able to help you. All American Classics, Inc. ( is another salvage yard that specializes in vintage vehicles. Steve’s Nova Site ( is a popular site with an active classified adssection so it’s another good resource for used Nova parts as well as information.