Maybe that wood can be restored

April 1, 2017 | By Staff


I’m in the process of restoring a 1966 Imperial convertible, one of only 514 Imperial convertibles built that year. The door panels and dash have a real wood veneer on them and the wood needs to be replaced. Do you have any sources for wood for this job? What would be the best way to remove the wood? Some of it is attached to an aluminum backing, and on the dash it’s on some pot metal pieces that will have to be re-chromed.

Just as a side note, there is a combination of 46 pieces of chrome and stainless steel on the door panels and rear inside panels. All of it is being re-chromed, and the stainless straightened and polished as needed. I haven’t even gotten into the chrome on the dashboard yet.


Does the wood really need replacement? I have discovered that often as not you can use a piece of 1500-grit micro-fine sandpaper to clean up or remove the finish on the wood and then recoat it with clear lacquer to restore it. And sometimes, if the original finish is not too bad, you can even clean it up with 2000-grit paper and just wax it.

However, if the wood is split, nicked or stained, you could contact Madera Concepts in Goleta, California. They do show-quality wood restoration for Bentleys, Rolls-Royce and other marques, and will be able to advise you as to the best approach, and where you might obtain the wood to do it yourself. Or you may just want to turn that aspect of your restoration over to them. You can contact them at:

Madera Concepts 55B Depot Road Goleta, CA 93117 |