I need help servicing my timing light and plasma torch

December 1, 2010 | By Richard Prince


I dropped my Marquette power timing light, model #41-205, and it no longer works. I have had this timing light for 40 years and would like to have it fixed. Marquette Corp. seems to be out of business. I tried all of their phone numbers but did not have any success. Can you provide me with a phone number and address for somebody or some business that can repair this instrument?

I also have a parts problem with a plasma torch. It’s a Trafimet Ergocut CB 50. It is apparently an Italian unit. I can find no help with what little literature I have with the unit. I would appreciate the name, address and phone number for a factory service representative.


The Marquette Corp. was a manufacturer of diagnostic systems and service equipment, with an emphasis on tools designed for use in the automotive sector. A company called Applied Power, which traces its roots to 1910 and the formation of American Grinder and Manufacturing Co. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, acquired The Marquette Corp. Predictably, Applied Power does not service or sell parts for your Marquette timing light. That means you’ll need to turn to a privateer if you want to get your light fixed. A company in Tamarac, Florida, called ADER, Inc. specializes in the repair of automotive diagnostic equipment. You can reach ADER at timinglightfix.com.

Unless you have a sentimental attachment to your Marquette timing light it may be easier and cheaper to simply scrap it and buy a new timing light. You may even find a working Marquette light on the Internet.

Trafimet Group has a good reputation for manufacturing high-quality welders, plasma cutters and related tools, but as you have surmised, this is not an American company.

There are numerous manufacturers of welding equipment, plasma cutters and similar tools in America. Some of these companies import parts or entire assemblies but they are nonetheless still American companies. Miller (millerwelds.com) and Lincoln (lincolnelectric.com) are two large companies based in America that come to mind immediately. If for no other reason, it is usually advisable to buy from American companies because it’ll usually be easier to get parts and service. Trafimet Group does have what they call a “partner” in the UnitedStates and that’s Florida Power & Welding (trafimetusa.com; 2237 West 77th St., Hialeah, FL 33016 ).