I need a choke cable insulator for my Shelby

October 1, 2009 | By Richard Prince


I am currently collecting NOS parts to restore my 1966 Shelby GT-350. I try to reuse original parts when possible, which brings me to my problem.

My manual choke cable assembly is in perfect condition except for the rubber insulator that covers the metal housing. As you are probably aware, the rubber insulator is the first piece to go bad.

Many people have told me I can find a correct replacement rubber insulator by searching the Internet. Well, after several years of searching, I have come up empty. I was wondering if you could point me and maybe some of your subscribers in the right direction for obtaining the rubber insulation to cover the choke cable housing?

I am sure you have readers that have come across the same problem and have settled on buying a reproduction choke cable assembly.


As you have already discovered, an exact replacement for the deteriorated rubber insulator on your choke cable is not currently available.

One option is to buy a reproduction cable, remove the rubber insulator, and install it on your original cable.

Another option is to buy a reproduction insulator from a company called Dead Nuts On (deadnutson.com). This company specializes in 1969-70 Shelby and Mustang parts and the insulator they offer for the ’69-70 Shelbys may work for you also.