A newer engine in a ’62 Dodge truck

February 1, 2011 | By Richard Prince


I have a 1962 Dodge Panel truck. I want to put in a newer Magnum Dodge engine and transmission. What all do I need to do this? If I buy the complete pull-out with the computer and all wiring under the hood what will I need for inside?


I’ve not performed the exact engine and transmission swap you’re contemplating so I can’t give you precise instructions but I’ll offer some general advice.

You’ll need modified engine mounts, transmission mounts, exhaust system, transmission shift system, drive shaft, cooling system, fuel system, instrumentation, and throttle.

A variety of different companies sell some of the new parts you’ll need, including XV Motorsports (xvmotorsports.com), Tube Technologies, Inc. (ttiexhaust.com) and Schumacher Creative Services (engineswaps.com).

Something else to consider isreplacing the entire front end with a custom designed and fabricated modern substitute made to accept a new Magnum engine. A company called Reilly Motorsports (reillymotorsports.com) makes a tubular K-member specifically configured for the new Hemi engine. The Reilly Motorsports K-member front end can be ordered with a variety of different setups, including coil-over suspension and air-bag suspension, and rack-and-pinion steering.