Using body filler on valve covers

August 1, 2010 | By Richard Prince


I have a 1954 Lincoln that I would describe as “a show car in progress.” I try to rework everything as stock and correct as possible.

I want to repaint the engine’s valve covers and I need to fill in some of the pitting. Finding good used valve covers for this car, without pitting, is next to impossible. Is there a body filler that I can use to fill in the pits that will stand up to the engine heat and vibrations? I’m sure that regular Bondo will not.


I have used Bondo brand filler to repair pits and other surface imperfections in valve covers without any problem. All high-quality body fillers have decent heat resistance and this is necessary because of how and where it’s used. Just consider the effect on black and other very dark-color paint when a car is left out in the sun on a hot summer day. If the body filler couldn’t stand up to that type of everyday heat, any filler beneath the paint would react. Also consider the fact that filler can be used on hoods, which get heated up from the engine underneath and the sun on top.

Another alternative to regular high quality body filler is a catalyzed epoxy high-build spray-on filler, or any high quality two-part epoxy.