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December 1, 2010 | By Larry Lyles

Stage II Body and Paint Repair DVD Set by Larry Lyles

WAY BACK WHEN we first did our “Basic Body Repair” and “Basic Painting Techniques” videos I had it in the back of my mind to follow those videos with more in depth body repair and painting information. Time really does pass quickly when you’re having fun,so it has taken me awhile to gather that additional information.

The good news is that our latest DVD set, “Stage II Body Repair” and “Stage II Painting Techniques,” is finally ready. With a combined total of almost two-and a-half hours of body and paint repair information, I take you along as I repair some major collision damage on a fender, repair rust around a back glass opening, section in a lower quarter panel, replace a trunk floor pan, and do some serious plastic body filler repair work.

After That, it’s on to painting. I Take you from applying the initial epoxy coat, to block sanding different sized panels, to laying down the color and clear coats, to polishing for a great shine. Along the way, I’ll show you how to get those difficult-to-achieve straight body lines, search out and repair pinholes and minor imperfections, and get a perfect color match from panel to panel. In fact, there is so much painting information here it took two DVD discs to hold it all.

This DVD set is $70 (including S&H) and is only available by mail at LPL Body Works, 5815 Contented Lane, Amarillo, TX 79109; online at or by phone at . —Larry Lyles

Editor’s note: Larry Lylesis a restoration pro and a veteran contributor of howto articles for Auto Restorer. His latest article, on working with a fiberglass kit body, is on page 14. For a look at one of his more recent projects, see page 30 to read about a Chevy Impala SS he restored. And, yes, that’s the 1965 Chevy on the cover of these DVDs and it’s featured on the discs.