Can someone paint my speedometer?

September 1, 2016 | By Staff


Do you know of someone who would repaint the speedometer on the car I’m rebuilding...a ’57 Chevy. It is planned as an updated car, somewhat of a hot rod but I’m not building for power. To match the tachometer and gauges I have found I would like to have the factory speedometer face redone with a white face and black numbers. I thought if there are people who restore factory gauges this might not be difficult. I am looking for leads.


There are people who restore gauges, but to completely repaint an original speedometer would be a difficult task that would probably cost a fair amount of money. However, there is no need to do that because Eckler’s Classic Chevy carries aftermarket white- faced gauges for your car. They look pretty close to original and they fit in the original bezels.

I have purchased components from them on several occasions and have been happy with the service and the items I received. Like many companies that offer their catalogs on the Internet, Eckler’s doesn’t list a postal address, but here is how you can contact them:

Eckler’s Classic Chevy