Wheel cylinder and disc brake sources

April 1, 2010 | By Richard Prince


We’re having trouble locating wheel cylinders for my son’s 1965 Chrysler 300. The local parts houses don’t have them, can’t get them, or are not willing to try to get them for him.

We would really like to go disc brakes up front, but aren’t having any luck on both accounts. Any suggestions?


Advanced Auto Parts lists new replacement wheel cylinders for your 1965 Chrysler. The fronts are part numbers W40416 and W40417 while the rears are both part number W78734. NAPA Auto Parts lists the cylinders as well, under part numbers 36050 and 36051 for the fronts and 36052 for the rears. Both of these parts distributors also list rebuild kits for your car’s wheel cylinders.

You can also have the old cylinders (assuming you still have them) sleeved with brass or stainless steel sleeves and rebuilt with new internal parts. White Post Restorations (whitepost.com) is one of several companies that offer this type of service. Several companies sell disc brake conversion kits for your car, including Master Power Brakes (mpbrakes.com, part number DB 1301 B) and Engineered Components, Inc. (ecihotrodbrakes.com; , part number EC 769 CK).

It is also possible to install a disc brake system comprised of components that you gather together yourself from other vehicles and/or brake parts makers but I strongly advise against this unless you have the expertise and experience to create a totally safe system.

I raise this point because in researching the answers to your questions I came across an article describing the installation of later Chrysler disc brakes onto an earlier Chrysler model and some of the procedures employed really disturbed me. For example, the installer used a grinder to remove material from the steering knuckle arms and also used a torch to heat up the arms in order to bend them. He also partially ground the heads of fasteners in order to remove material. I urge you not to do this!