A quest for engine decals

November 1, 2017 | By Staff


I am restoring a 1948 Chrysler Windsor four-door sedan and am in the process of detailing the engine compartment. I have been able to find the high-temp paint for the engine and accessories, but am stumped as to where to find reproductions of the engine decals such as are on the air cleaner and crankcase breather cap. Do you know a source for same?


Andy Bernbaum Auto Parts offers a complete set of engine room decals for your Chrysler for $13.99. They can mail them out to you and you will have them in a couple of days. They also offer just about everything else you could possibly need to restore old flathead-era Chrysler products through the ’70s. You can contact them at:

Andy Bernbaum Auto Parts, Inc. 93 Border St. West Newton, MA 02465 oldmoparts.com