I need power steering parts

November 1, 2011 | By Richard Prince


I am trying to convert my 1952 Chrysler Saratoga over to power steering and I need help. Where can I get the necessary parts?


Power steering manufactured for Chrysler by a company called Gemmer was available as an extra cost option on your Saratoga when it was new. One option that you have is to install a factory power steering system. The majority of needed parts are not readily available new so if you choose this route you will have to buy a good used system. Online auction sites are good resources for hard to find vintage car parts. You also can contact any of the many vintage Mopar parts dealers and salvage yards, including Valley Vintage Auto Parts (vvap.com), Moore’s Auto Salvage (mooresautosalvage.com), Len Dawson’s Deception Pass Motor Parts (http://dpmotorparts.com), and Wildcat Auto Wrecking (wildcatmopars.com).

If you’re interested in installing a more modern power steering system, with a rack-and-pinion setup, contact the folks at Flaming River (flamingriver.com). They don’t sell a complete bolt-in kit (as far as I know, nobody sells a complete kit for your Saratoga) but they do sell a universal rack along with various other parts that will help you with your conversion.