Hunting for Trans Am parts

December 1, 2016 | By Staff


I need some components for my 1970 Trans Am. Most of the car is there and most of what is not there is easily located through numerous outlets. However, I had the motor rebuilt and then ran into a wall. The 400 Ram Air III is missing all the front end bolts, pulleys, brackets and fan. (Not an a/c option.) There must be 30 or so pieces missing. The alternator and power steering can be easily located. The problem I am having is locating a company or persons who might have these items so I can acquire all the hardware at one time. Your help would be appreciated.


How about it Auto Restorer readers? Is anyone parting out a 1970 Trans Am that has what Patrick needs? Barring that, I would call a few major salvage yards such as those that advertise in hobby publications and on the Internet to see what they can do for you. Many of them are linked by computer and can find what you need quickly and easily, though they will get a taste of the tab for the parts. Another good source of Pontiac parts is Ames Performance Engineering, which is the largest supplier of Pontiac parts in the country. You can reach them at:

Ames Performance Engineering P.O. Box 572 Spofford, NH 03462