Check for this name on NOS muscle car fiber parts

October 1, 2015 | By Staff


Here is some info I stumbled across that may help some other car addicts. The now defunct Barnum Brothers Fibre Co. made parts for the major auto manufacturers; however, that name is now held by a trucking company.

The Barnum Brothers Fibre Co. of Petoskey, Michigan, was one of a handful of firms that could mass-produce fiberglass furniture, helping to supplement its business of automotive parts including factory parts for muscle cars. Unfortunately, Barnum Fibre Co. disappeared in the 1970s.

With that in mind, if you are buying or trying to identify an NOS (New Old Stock) part, the real McCoy should have the Barnum name along with the auto company’s part number stamped on it. I think most of what they made was fiber material like shrouds, etc. including the elusive NACA hood duct for the ’73 Pontiac GTO and some other Pontiac models.

You may already know this but if it helps someone else, that’s all the better.


Wes, thanks for that information. I did not know about Barnum Brothers. On the occasions when I have needed to replace a muscle-era interior, I generally have torn everything out and bought new correct replacement panels from parts houses like Classic Industries in Huntington Beach, California ( But if I were to luck onto some purportedly NOS panels I would now have an idea of what to look for.