Switching to front disc brakes

November 1, 2009 | By Richard Prince


I have a 1967 Mustang with a 6-cylinder engine and I would like to upgrade the brakes.

The entire braking system has been recently replaced but I would like to go to disc brakes or power disc brakes on the front wheels.

What would this entail? What calipers, plates, discs, wheel bearings and power booster can be used? What else would be required? Would this upgrade require new wheels?


Your two most logical options are a complete aftermarket front disc brake conversion kit or original Ford disc brakes from the era.

Power assisted front disc brakes were a $64.77 option in 1967 and thousands of Mustangs came equipped with them. Some of the components that comprised the option, such as the wheel bearings and rotors, can still be bought new, while other parts are only available used.

An aftermarketkit, such as the one sold by Master Power Brakes mpbrakes.com) typically includes everything needed, ranging from calipers and rotors to hoses and hardware.

Whether or not a switch to front disc brakes will require new wheels for your car depends on what wheels the car currently has and what disc brake system you utilize. If it has the stock 1967 drum brake wheels then you will need to change them. OEM 15-inch drum brake wheels or 14-inch disc brake wheels will work with a 1967 factory disc brake setup or a stock-type aftermarket kit but a more radical approach that employs larger calipers and rotors may necessitate the use of larger wheels.

(Editor’s note: For more on the parts and procedures involved in this type of project, see “A Front Disc Brake Conversion, Parts 1 & 2” in the September and October issues.)