About the Thunderbird T-Roof...

January 1, 2013 | By Staff


My question relates to the 1977 Ford Thunderbird T-Top model. How many of the T-Top model were made just that year, and perhaps how many for that specific series?

I owned one from roughly 1987-93 and, sadly, it joined the rather large list I have of “cars I once owned and could shoot myself for getting rid of.” I ask because my personal research knowl- edge is lacking where it comes to such information (production numbers).

I also ask because after several years now of occasionally scanning the Inter- net for anything on these T-Tops, I think I’ve only found maybe a handful of pages related to this T-Top in any way, with no listings of sales, and essentially no information on them. Thanks in advance for whatever light you can shed on this subject.


Aside from determining that no Thunderbirds with the T-Roof conversion option were produced in 1977 (the option was first offered partway into model year 1978) I had difficulty finding out much of anything about these obviously rare cars, so I turned to expert Don Holton. In addition to serving as the International Thunderbird Club 1972-82 Technical Advisor, Mr. Holton also happens to be the proud owner of a 1978 Thunderbird T-Roof Convertible model that his parents bought brand-new in 1978.

Here is the information he was able to provide: Mid-year 1978, the T-Roof Convertible option was made available on the Thunderbird line.

The T-Roofs were added to the option list in January 1978 and the project was handled in house by a company called Cars & Concepts at both the Chicago and Los Angeles assembly plants and the T- Roof conversions were then completed by Cars & Concepts. The actual T-Roof option production numbers have not been released by Ford Motor Co. With that said, however, a business by the name of Marti Auto Works has access to all of the Ford production records from 1967-79 and offers a complete breakdown of the statistics of how many Ford products were produced with a specific option.

As listed above, currently this is avail- able to owners of all Ford products from 1967-79 in the form of an Elite Marti Report. This report breaks down the production number of each option included in the covered model.