New Generation Update

March 1, 2013 | By Hank Ashton

Editor’s note: In the December issue we had an article on a youth project sponsored by the Adirondack Model A Ford Club in Clifton Park, New York. Under this program, club members work side-by-side with a group of young people aged 12 through 16 to restore vintage vehicles and perhaps draw the youths into the hobby. The initial work took place at the Saratoga Automobile Museum (SAM) in Saratoga, New York, with the first project being the build of a Model A Ford Huckster truck followed by a Model A boat tail speedster which called for a good deal of intricate woodworking. A third project vehicle has been secured and club Youth Project Manager Hank Ashton sent us the following update regarding the program’s progress:

I THOUGHT I would share the latest pictures of the huckster, our first project, and our speedster build, the second project, so you can see what we are continuing to do with these great kids. We expect to start our third build this September. It looks like that will be a ’28/’29 Ford Model AA truck with single rear wheels. It’s not our first pick for a project, but it will fulfill our needs for metal and wood work.

the group’s Model A boat tail speedster

working on the speedster, and the next project,

a Model AA Ford truck, is brought in.

I am so pleased with how you presented the article and hope it prompts other clubs to try to incorporate a youth program into their club activities. Our club members are very happy with our program and we have won over some that didn’t think the program would fly.

The SAMS Garage Program was limited after the huckster and then toned down. So we have since moved our builds to a local Ford dealer and the owner gave us a dedicated bay w/lift to keep our projects going, along with the center of the garage where we can spread out our work. We also have access to a parts cleaning station, torches, an air compressor, portable lights, etc. The owner loves to come out and watch the kids work and talks with us. —Hank Ashton