I want to convert to Dot 5 brake fluid

September 1, 2016 | By Staff


I read your article in Auto Restorer on the differences in brake fluids.

In the article you said the different fluids are compatible. If I wanted to use Dot 5 only, what would I flush the system with?


I consulted my friend and brake system guru Vince at C.H. Topping and Company in Long Beach, California, as to what should be used to clean a brake system and he suggested Brakleen, available from auto parts stores and brake shops. However, he said that he would only go to DOT 5 brake fluid if the whole system had been taken apart and overhauled because the DOT 5 fluid can cause existing rust and muck to break loose, and leaks are almost inevitable unless the system is fresh.

However, once your brake hydraulic system is renewed and filled with DOT 5 fluid, that will pretty much end any hydraulic problems for years to come. I can attest to that because I rebuilt my 1940 Packard brake system 30 years ago, filled it with DOT 5 and have had no problems since then. You can consult Vince or have the job done at:

C.H. Topping and Company 520 W. Esther St. Long Beach, CA 90813 chtopping.com