I have seat track troubles

January 1, 2020 | By Staff


After having our 1955 F-100 Ford pickup restored as a “survivor” (with a new engine and drivetrain, but not too much done to body and paint) we discovered that the seat track no longer locked into any of the positions. The re-build shop has attempted to fix the original seat track, with no luck. Now they are trying to find a replacement.

My questions are: What happened that the seat track no longer locks into any of the slots? Can that be fixed? What would you recommend?


Usually seat tracks can be fixed by removing the seat and cleaning and greasing the track. However, if the teeth are worn out or broken on the adjuster, it is easier to replace the whole mechanism than to try to repair it. Luckily, there are plenty of sources for old Ford truck parts. Try these:

Bob Drake Ford Parts

1819 NW Washington Blvd. Grants Pass, OR 97526


Blue Oval Truck Parts

Tustin, California