Forget the Snow…

January 1, 2012 | By Staff

Let’s Go Surfing!

S WE MOVE into the coldest time of the year with parts of the nation already experiencing freezing temperatures and collections of those wintry white flakes, we thought we’d offer up a “think summer” interlude with these photos from the October Wood show sponsored by the Southern California Woodie Club in Dana Point, an Orange County community located between Los Angeles and San Diego. As you can see from the images, the event drew a variety of woodie vehicles, ranging (counterclockwise) from the 1949 Mercury in the upper right-hand corner to a 1952 English Ford Pilot, a 1951 Ford 2-door Country Squire and even a Rolls-Royce. Lined up at the bottom of the page are (left to right) an Oldsmobile, Pontiac and a Plymouth. Interestingly enough, the owner of the Rolls says that car started life in 1933 with an all-aluminum sports saloon body that was removed in 1941 and recycled for use in the war effort. At that point, the Rolls was outfitted with the woodie body and classified as a commercial vehicle. The photos are by Stephanie Starr. For more of her photography and graphic design work, visit