Ever see a Ford with this stripe?

January 1, 2010 | By Richard Prince


I have a 1969 Ford Torino GT that I have been driving for the past two years, and I plan to start a rebuild this fall. I am thinking of making it a tribute to the Talladega (not a clone), with Presidential Blue with a black hood (not flat black, like the original). I like the wide black stripe that goes across the back fenders. I have mostly seen these on Mopar cars, but I was wondering if this was ever done on a stock Ford?


After giving my memory a good workout, I cannot recall a stock, production Ford that came with wide stripes across the rear of the car.

A search through my library also failed to reveal any indication that a stock Ford came with such a stripe. As you mention, various Mopars were available with this type of stripe across the rear, and though few are aware of it, buyers could get this on a 1969 Corvette if they ordered the ZL1 option.