Becoming a gas crunch trucker

August 1, 2008 | By Richard Prince


The September 2007 article on gas crunch cruisers has confirmed my ideas of installing a late-model V-8 into my 1957 F-100 truck. This idea came to me while paying some very large credit card bills for the 1960 Starliner I’m building. The updates of motor and overdrive transmission were a significant cost so why not install a late-model 4.6-liter with overdrive transmission? My 2004 Marauder gets 22-plus mpg if I keep my size 13 foot out of the firewall.

My question is where do I start to get information to do this? I would like to not reinvent the wheel so using existing parts, such as plug and play wiring, makes a lot of sense to me. I have the entire donor car to salvage from so using all Ford parts would work well. I’m hoping someone has a kit so I won’t have to disassemble the entire Crown Vic.


Wiring kits and engine control computers to facilitate the engine installation you’re contemplating are readily available from a number of different vendors, including Ford Racing Parts ( Another resource for late model fuel injected engine swap wire harnesses and other parts is Centech ( There are a lot of books that can help you to carry out the engine swap. Consider buying the Ford Multiport Electronic Fuel Injection Wiring Manual, available from and numerous other vendors, and the book “Ford Fuel Injection & Electronic Engine Control,” by Charles O. Probst.