A range of “right” front ends

March 1, 2008 | By Richard Prince


I have a 1958 Ford 1/2-ton 4x2 pickup that I want to rebuild as a daily driver. I have a Ford 289 engine I intend to use, and I would like to upgrade the suspension and brakes. I am interested in information that might help me choose the right front end components and such to get started on the job.


As far as the “right” front end components are concerned, the answer depends

in large measure on how skilful you are and/or how much money you want to invest in your truck.

The easier and less expensive way to modernize the front end is by modifying it with a Volare front frame clip.

At the other end of the spectrum, you can go with a lighter and far more sophisticated independent front suspension setup from a company such as Total Cost Involved Engineering in Ontario, California, (www.totalcostinvolved.com).