Working with gas strut compressors

March 1, 2016 | By Staff


Can you direct me to a good gas strut compressor? They are always a bit of a struggle, but the big ones that hold the storage doors open on my RV are more like a true battle. Are there any moderately priced, adjustable, tools for these useful brutes that can keep them contained/ adjusted as we R&R them? The end clips can also be a challenge.


There are dozens of gas strut compressors for sale on eBay, and Harbor Freight sells a modestly priced device too. The trick is to determine how the compressor tool needs to mount on the gas strut you need to compress. Different strut compressors come with different attachment fittings. Also, you will need one that will extend as far as required to fit on the strut, and will compress it to the extent you require. But be careful. Compressed gas struts are under a lot of pressure and if they are not mounted properly they can fly out with explosive force.