How can I save money on a quality tool chest?

January 1, 2013 | By Staff


I am not willing or able to spend the money for a Snap-On tool box but I would like to buy a high-quality box. It has been difficult to shop because there aren’t a lot of retail stores that carry high-end tool boxes. I am nervous regarding the drawers, and want to see how far they roll out, etc. Any advice would be appreciated.


When it comes to tool boxes, just like when it comes to the tools you put in the box, my advice is always to buy the best quality you can afford. In the future the money spent will be nothing more than a distant memory but the feel and usefulness of intelligently engineered and beautifully made tools will give you joy each and every time you use them.

Aside from the obscene price, you can’t go wrong with Snap-On tool chests. The same is true for Matco boxes, which are extremely well-made.

For considerable savings on new equipment take a look at the higher-quality boxes Sears sells, such as the “Mon- tezuma” line. Depending on the specific model you choose, they feature desirable characteristics such as heavy-gauge steel construction, full extension ball bearing drawer slides, double slides on deeper drawers, and stainless steel work surfaces.

I understand that it’s a difficult principle to adhere to, but if possible try to buy a box made in America or another first- world nation such as Germany, Canada, Switzerland, England, and so on. The ones made south of the border and in the Far East are typically far less expensive but as with so many products coming out of these countries the low price reflects the low quality.

Another, perhaps better, alternative is to look for a really high-quality used tool chest. You can often buy a perfectly good used Snap-On or Matco box for about the same cost as a brand-new lesser quality unit. You can find used boxes in a number of different places, including Inter- net auction sites, commercial/industrial liquidation auctions, government liquidation auctions, etc. Snap-On and Matco sellers sometimes have used boxes for sale as well.