Working with a 12-volt meter follow-up

July 1, 2011 | By Richard Prince


I am 67 years old and am still learning, so I have to ask you about the entry “You can use a 12-volt meter” in your May 2010 issue on pages 6-7. You say you can use a 12-volt meter on a 6-volt system as long as the meter is connected to a 12-volt power source. Will that also apply to 24-volt systems as long as I keep my 12-volt meter connected to 12 volts? I restore historical military vehicles (such as the 1951 M38 on page 22 of that magazine). It has a 24-volt system, with two 12-volt batteries as all of mine are.

Thank you for all your supportive articles and advice over the past years and many to come.


If the electronics in your 12-volt meter were designed to be powered by 12-volts then that’s what should power them. Whether or not the metering functions will work for you depends on the specifications for the particular meter you have. If the meter’s scale does not go up high enough then it will not serve your needs but if the scale does go high enough it’ll be useful to you.