Will an 11-inch clutch fit a ’56 Ford?

January 1, 2011 | By Richard Prince


I have a 1956 Ford Mainline 2-door with a 223 cid six-cylinder and dual

exhaust with a 3-speed transmission. It has a 91⁄2-inch clutch. I want, and understand there is, an 11-inch clutch I can install with an eleven-inch pressure plate and flywheel. Will it fit under my stock 91⁄2-inch bell housing, or is there a stock car bell housing that is made for an 11inch clutch? Concourse and Mac’s have listings for 11-inch clutch disks for car applications. I have a 4.11:1 rear end and 3-speed overdrive I plan to install to tow my 900 lb. 1946 kit Teardrop trailer, so I would also like to put a tough 11-inch clutch in there.


I am told that the original bell housing for your 223 inline six will not accommodate an 11-inch clutch assembly, so you will need to change the bell housing.

Bell housings for Ford Flathead V-8s and Y-block V-8s will not bolt onto 215 and 223 cid six-cylinder engines. You can, however, use a bell housing from a 1961-64 F-100/F-250 truck with a 223/262 inline six.

A 10-inch, 10-spline clutch assembly was standard on 1961-64 F-100 and F250 trucks equipped with a three-speed manual transmission. A 10-spline, 11inch clutch assembly was optional on these trucks when fitted with a three-speed and standard when the truck came with a 4-speed gearbox.

The 223 cid engine’s 11-inch clutch disk carried part #COTT7550A and the corresponding 11-inch pressure plate was part #COTT7563A.