Where should I put my vacuum pump?

October 1, 2010 | By Richard Prince


I have been working on a 1951 Ford F1 pickup truck with a Flathead V-8 and I’ve gotten a lot of help from mechanics. We have changed the truck over to a 12volt system, moved the gas tank from the cab to under the bed, and we are just finishing the brake system.

I went to disc brakes at the front which required a frame-mounted dual-reservoir master cylinder with a power booster. My first question for you is where does one install the electric vacuum pump?

Also, where do you attach it to the Flathead engine block? I am told by several sources that the Flatheads do not produce enough vacuum to support an electric vacuum pump.


If you’re installing an electric vacuum pump, which is a good idea given your application, then you do not need to attach it to the engine at all. You can mount it anywhere that’s convenient. Logic dictates that it should be close to its source of power and close to the vacuum powered accessories. As with everything under the hood, it should be mounted where it won’t be in the way of moving parts, regular maintenance items and, for that matter, where it won’t create any other type of interference. Tucking it into the space between the firewall and inner wheel housing on the driver side is probably a good option.