Where can I find this vintage tuning kit?

October 1, 2018 | By Staff


I’m looking for a kit that was available years ago to assist in setting ignition points. As I recall the kit consisted of several thin-walled steel circles of various sizes that fit snuggly around the cam in the distributor. These circles were perfectly round and came with recommendations to set the point gap to compensate for the thickness of the circle. Once fitted around the cam you could install and set the points at the prescribed setting without having to get the rubbing block up on a corner of the cam. I’m assuming these are no longer produced but any information you could provide would be helpful in trying to track down a set. Thank you.


I have never seen such a tool set, though it sounds like a nice item to have. When adjusting the contact points on a breaker point ignition system I usually just have my son or my wife to blip the starter to get the rubbing block up on the cam, but it would be nice not to have to ask for help, or to have to keep jumping in and out of the car until I get the block positioned. How about it fellow restorers? Does anyone have such a tool they would be willing to part with, or do you know where one could be purchased? Let us know here at Auto Restorer and we will pass the information on to Roger and our other readers as well.