Using 10-30 instead of 30 weight oil

January 1, 2013 | By Richard Prince


I have a 1954 3100 Series Chevy pickup truck with the 235 cid six-cylinder engine. The last couple of years I’ve noticed that 30 weight detergent oil is getting harder to locate locally. What are your thoughts on using 10-30 weight oil instead?

Also, I want to pass along a tip. I used a product called K&W Nano Technology ($19.99 for the one-quart container) from my local NAPA store. It stopped all of the coolant leaks and drips. No more newspaper on the garage floor!


I have no doubt that 10-30 oil will do a good job of protecting your engine from oil-related damage and failure, so in that regard I think you’ll be fine using it.

The only downside you may see is a little bit more oil seepage here and there because 10-30 is noticeably thinner than straight 30 weight. But if you do encounter that problem, you can go with 10-40 or even 20-50, both of which are readily available.

Thank you for sharing your experience with the K&W Nano Technology Head Gasket & Block Repair product. I’d be interested to hear about the experiences from other readers who have used this.