Searching for Ford Fiesta parts

March 1, 2012 | By Richard Prince


I just retired after 55 years as a mechanic and many years as owner of my own shop, which is called M&M Auto in Pelham, New York ( My son is running the shop now and he’s doing a very good job.

I am the owner of two old cars, a 1983 VW pickup and a 1979 Ford Fiesta. The VW is no big problem and still does 50 mpg on diesel. The Fiesta seems to be an orphan and I cannot find any motor mounts for it. Would you have any idea who sells parts for the Fiesta?


As you’ve already learned, the engine mounts for your Ford Fiesta have been discontinued. There are, however, still some around, sitting on shelves at auto parts stores. Rock Auto in Madison, Wisconsin (, happens to have some Fiesta mounts so give them a shout.