Problems with a vintage engine analyzer

June 1, 2012 | By Richard Prince


I was fortunate enough to buy a used engine analyzer from a school that is closing their diesel department. The only problem is the computer program for the analyzer won’t load. The screen reads “program loading” but it never does. My question is: where do I find someone who knows something about these analyzers? The machine is an Allen 92-000.


There are numerous individuals and businesses that have experience with Allen analyzers and other vintage engine diagnostic machinery. You have to remember that while they have largely gone the way of the dinosaurs, your Allen and similar machines were once ubiquitous and there were qualified service technicians all over the country.

A good starting point is your local Yellow Pages. Even if a service provider doesn’t specifically advertise that they handle older machines it’s entirely probable that a place specializing in auto repair machinery will have someone who’s been around a while and has the experience to help you.

If need be, an out-of-state service provider may be able to help you. One such business is Allstate’s of America, Inc. (2595 N.W. 37th St., Miami, FL 33142;