More regarding shopping for a lift

July 1, 2016 | By Staff


The May Mechanic on Duty has Atlas Automotive Equipment as making their lifts in the U.S. I called Atlas (the correct phone number is ), and their lifts are manufactured in China. I have had too many problems with equipment manufactured in China.

I would like to get a competitive quote for a 4-post, 7000/8000-lb. lift. Back Yard Buddy seems to be the only U.S. manufacturer. Do you know of anyone else?


I did not advise people to purchase an American-made lift rather than one made in China. But I did say that you should check with the Automotive Lift Institute to make sure that any lift you do purchase meets their standards and requirements. To quote: “As for whether your new lift comes from a foreign country or is made locally, it is important to know what standards were followed in the construction of the lift and whether the welds were done correctly, and whether it is made of quality steel in any case.”

I would not condemn a lift from overseas necessarily, but as noted, would check with the Automotive Lift Institute before committing to a particular brand. Here again is how to get in touch with them:

Automotive Lift Institute 80 Wheeler Ave. Cortland, NY 13045

As for a second quote for an Americanmade lift to compare with one from Back Yard Buddy, try:

Greg Smith Equipment Company