Modern interiors for vintage cars?

August 1, 2010 | By Richard Prince


I have a 1950 two-door Chevy Standard Deluxe and a 1955 four-door Chevy sedan. I could use some information about any recent-model car interiors that would fit into these two cars without a lot of trouble.

Also, I would like to tell the readers that a 6-volt system with 6-volt bulbs can be brighter if you use a one-wire 8-volt alternator in your vehicle.


You won’t find an interior from a modern vehicle that installs into your vintage Chevrolets without a lot of trouble. Today’s cars and trucks typically have a number of uniquely shaped interior components that don’t transfer into other vehicles very easily.

Having said that, you can easily install individual components from other, more modern cars, such as the seats. But most of the modern trim pieces, including the door panels, headliner, and so on won’t fit your vintage cars properly.