I want OEM-quality rebuild parts

September 1, 2011 | By Richard Prince


I have a Volare front clip on a Ford F-100 truck and the steering box went out. Where do I get a good OEM rebuild, if it’s possible to even get one?

I hate cheap parts!

I put a March Belt Serpentine System on the truck which came with a new power steering pump and I am not sure if the power steering pump blew out the seals in the box. What is the operating pressure for the Volare steering box?


In general, power steering pump pressure for most vintage hydraulic automotive pumps should be around 1000 psi at highway speeds. Most pumps are capable of producing well over 1100 psi but the system should never see pressure this high because the relief valve should open to relieve the excess pressure. Conversely, operating pressure shouldn’t normally fall below about 950 psi. If your Volare steering box was subjected to sustained pressure of more than 1100 psi it’s likely that it was damaged by this.

I don’t know where you can get a rebuild kit with OEM parts. None of us like to put low-grade parts into something when we rebuild it but getting OEM (or better) quality parts can be difficult.

One reasonably accurate measure of a part’s quality is where it was made. If possible, buy bearings, seals and other parts made in America. Other countries that can usually be relied upon to make high-quality parts include most West European countries and Japan.