I need Ford glass seals

February 1, 2009 | By Richard Prince


I am a Chevy guy for the most part but I currently am working on a 1960 Ford Fairlane 500. My problem is that I sent it in for paint, but when my painter removed the windshield and back glass he said the rubber was not reusable. I’m not sure why, but he threw away the original seals.

I wasn’t pleased with his decision but figured that I would eventually find a replacement. Wrong! I have tried everywhere and have found that the 1960-61 Fairlanes are a stand-alone design.

One glass guy said that if I had the original seals we could find something in a roll that would work. There is the problem—I don’t have the originals and I don’t know anyone with a 1960 Fairlane that I could look at. Can you help me out, or do you know someone who can?


The lesson for everyone performing any sort of restoration is never ever throw out the old parts until the project is 100% finished. As you’ve discovered, you’re in a real bind without the old windshield and backlight rubber gaskets.

I, too, could not locate a source for these. I think you are left with two choices; scour the world for used ones or find a glass shop or restoration shop that is willing to solve your problem. If any readers have another solution, please let us know.