I need a hot & cold sending unit

April 1, 2012 | By Richard Prince


I have a question/problem I hope you can help me with in regard to the hot/cold warning lights on my 1966 Impala Super Sport 283 2 bbl. I purchased the car this past summer from the original owner and 99% of the car is original. It even still has the bolt-on canister oil filter in place.

My problem is that the car is equipped with both a hot and cold warning lamp in the dash. The wiring harness was damaged at the alternator so I purchased a replacement from Classic Industries. The sending unit in the manifold looks like it may have had a 2-prong terminal on it at one time but the terminals were smashed/missing. Both the old and new wiring harnesses have a connector with two prongs in them but no one shows a 2-prong temperature sending unit for this car.

My question is did both dash warning lights run off of the same sending unit to show the green cold light and the red hot light? I’m just wondering if during the car’s life the neighborhood mechanic may have replaced the original switch with a different one or what. The car only has 67,000 miles on it. Any help you or any of the readers could give would be great.


The temperature sending unit that you need is actually a switch that turns the warning light on when appropriate. Lectric Limited (lectriclimited.com) sells the correct sending unit with two electrical connections under part number 01993561. It retails for $29.