I can’t find a fan blower switch

June 1, 2011 | By Richard Prince


I have a 1974 El Camino and a 1986 Suburban. The fan blower switch used to be available at the Chevy dealer but the vehicles are too old now.

This air conditioning/heater control setup was virtually the same on millions of GM cars and trucks. It’s dangerous to drive a vehicle that has no way of defrosting the windshield and the Suburban fan switch turns on by itself and runs the battery dead.

There has to be a supplier out there somewhere or is there someone that can restore the switch. Now my neighbor down the street says his switch has gone bad on his Suburban. I have tried El Camino suppliers but they don’t have this switch.


Have you tried El Camino parts suppliers who deal in used parts? Since the switches you need were discontinued you will have to find used ones or try to fix the ones you have. I could not find someone who’s experienced in fixing your switches so if any readers have suggestions please let us know.

Finding a used one will be hit and miss so it probably will take some time and effort. Keep your eye on eBay, which usually has a pretty broad supply of discontinued NOS and good used Chevy parts. Also, frequently look at elcaminocentral. com for its parts for sale forum.