Help me with my headliner

September 1, 2016 | By Staff


I am installing a new ABS plastic backed headliner on my 1996 Ram and having fitment issues with the visors, overhead console and dome light. The manufacturer (Acme Auto Headlining Co.) says they fit; no trimming necessary. The OEM headliner is too old to recover and this plastic-backed headliner seems to be the answer but it’s a lot of work. Trimming voids the warranty. I would like your take on this.


Most often things like headliners and panels dry out and shrink over time, so what you were sent may be more correct in size to the original pattern. Also, it has been my experience that headliners, rubber seals, floor coverings, etc. are intended to have a very snug fit and if anything tend to be just a tiny bit oversize.

Hold the headliner into place for a trial fit, and to determine precise positioning. Use any pre-cut holes to orient the headliner precisely. I like 3M Super Duty Trim cement for installation. Shoot a coat on the inside of the cab and another on the headliner, let them both get tacky and then pat the headliner thoroughly into place, working from front to back. Make sure there are no ripples or bubbles as you go, and press out any you find before going further. Let the whole thing cure for a day or two and then check it before adding any moldings or gaskets around it.