He wants fuel injection

February 1, 2011 | By Richard Prince


I have a 1982 Ford F-100 pickup truck with the 300 cid (4.9-liter) inline six engine. I have converted the exhaust manifold to a header that provides a dual exhaust. My truck has a three-speed manual transmission with the shifter on the column. What would it take to convert the stock one-barrel carburetor and intake manifold to fuel injection? I have removed the factory air pump and I’m wondering if I’ll have to put this back on if I convert to fuel injection.


There are a number of different ways that you can convert your truck’s engine to electronic fuel injection. One of the easier and more cost effective is to replace the stock intake manifold with an EFI system sourced from a newer 300 cid inline six.

You will need a variety of parts to make it work, including an electronic control unit, numerous sensors, a wiring harness, high pressure fuel pump, and so on. You can use some of the parts from the same vehicle you get the EFI system from. You can also buy just about everything you need from aftermarket providers, including diyautotune.com.

You don’t have to put the emissions controls back on the engine as long as the ECU is programmed to function correctly without them. The ECU relies on input from various sensors that are impacted by the presence or absence of emissions control equipment, including the oxygen sensors, so the ECU will need to be set up accordingly.