Fuel tank floats for a WWII car

January 1, 2009 | By Richard Prince


I am in the process of rebuilding a WWII military scout car and am trying to find someone who can make some gas floats—small brass floats that fit in the tank and control the fuel gauge. I have been unable to locate any used floats with a small enough diameter to fit in the tank. I was wondering if you or any of your readers could provide me some contact information of someone who could assist me.


I did not locate anyone who makes custom fuel tank floats but am sure you can find an off-the-shelf float that fits into your tank. You don’t say what size the opening in the tank is, but even though I don’t have all that much experience with WWII military scout car fuel tanks I will be very surprised if the opening is smaller than the typical opening in an automotive fuel tank.

Have you gone through the standard floats at a well-stocked automotive parts store to try to find something that works?

Have you considered fabricating your own float? With some patience and basic skills you can form the needed shape from sheet stock and then solder the seams and joints shut.