Do I need special wires for my tail lights?

December 1, 2016 | By Staff


The original 6-volt tail and brake light wiring in the tailgate of my classic station wagon is crispy and dangerous. Do I need a specific type of wire to re-do it, or can I simply go to Home Depot and buy a #14 multi-conductor extension cord?


For tail light wiring you need the correct multi-strand wire for the job, with the proper durable insulation for harsh conditions. Ordinary extension cords are made for interior use, and it is doubtful that their insulation will hold up over time. I would also encase the wire in a plastic or metal snakeskin covering to further protect it from the environment. Use a bit heavier wire than the original too because auto manufacturers only used what was adequate and nothing more. Heavier wire will cut down heat and resistance and be more reliable over time.