Can you help me find my VIN?

September 1, 2012 | By Richard Prince


I have a 1979 F-150 4x4 pickup truck. The doors were changed some time ago so there are no VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) numbers on the body that we can find. I heard that VIN numbers are stamped in the frame somewhere. The state police and I have not been able to find them. Can you help? Do you know anyone that has this information?


Your truck should have come with what’s commonly called a “buck tag” screwed into the firewall. This metal plate has the VIN stamped into it.

Also, the VIN was stamped into the chassis in at least two places. The easiest to see is on the top of the passenger side frame rail just about in line with the engine’s alternator. The other VIN stamping is also on the top of the passenger side frame rail but it’s difficult to see. It’s underneath the cab, normally about 8-10 inches rearward of the forward cab mount.

Both chassis stampings can vary significantly in depth and thus may be easier or more difficult to see. Lightly scuffing the rail with an abrasive pad, a wire wheel, or fine sandpaper will often help make the numbers more visible.