Can $39 lasers remove rust?

October 1, 2019 | By Staff


I’ve seen ads on Facebook for a laser device that removes rust. It seems too good to be true at $39. What say you?


A fellow car buff named Norm Witte posted this: “An ad showed up on my Facebook feed for a laser rust removal tool for $39, marked down from $299. The site looks legit, but these tools cost around $53,000. No one sells one for $299, let alone $39. Common sense: if it seems like a smoking deal, do five minutes of research.”

I saw the same ad that you and Norm did, and almost gave them my credit card number, but because the price was incredible I too did a little research, and discovered that just as Norm says, there are such devices, but they cost many times more than the listed price in the ad as Norm points out. I also found Facebook postings from people who sent in their money and never received the product or even a reply.